Why to Earn online?

When there are lots of offline job opportunities, why do we have to try and earn online? Right?

The simple fact is- There are lots of online users like content readers, game players, social networkers, news readers, chatters, time passers, etc., but earning people are only about 0.2%. Lets see the stats below. It may give you a more clear idea of why do we have to start earning via online.

Wold Internet Usage And Population Statistics- March 31,2011.

(Courtesy www.Internetworldstats.com)

Seeing above stats, you can understand that already 30% of world population are using internet which is about 200+crore of people. Wherever there is a people, there is a business in offline world since most of the offline business are lot familiar with a common man.

But Internet business and earning from internet is not really a familiar idea with everyone. You would have heard one of your friend saying ‘My friend has earned a tons of rupees via internet’. You guys would have had a serious follow-up discussions, but not one of you would have tried it. There are many reason for this. See what are all the reasons that stops you from earning online.

Anyways now seeing the above stats, its pretty clear that there are lots of scope to earn online. As per our estimation, 0.2% of online earners are eating out all the income coming from 200+ users. If you start working online right now, you will definitely have your bite, a big bite. And for long run, it is better to start sooner than regret later.

Why do I have to earn online:

Apart from the Scope, There are many other reasons to earn online:

Flexibility: You can work on your own time at your own place. Assume that you are running your own online business, who would ask you for the work report and work time? You are NOT required to produce your work hours to anyone. The time is completely yours, not vice versa.

Work at Home: You can work from your home anymore. No more going to office in a hurry burry. Ever tensed of going to office in a hurry burry and getting scold from your managers saying you are not responsible enough? That doesn’t makes sense, right? Worry not. You can work right from your home now at your preferred timing.

Your Complete Full Money: You put little effort and little hours online, earn little income. You put more effort and hours, earn more income. Everything is your. No sharing with your team leaders, managers, etc., You may not have directly shared your salary, but even before receiving your salary- your company, managers, team leaders, peers all taken their share from the project profit. And final bite is only yours. Here online, everything is yours.

You are The Boss: Got up late? Din’t put extra hours yesterday since you were hang up? Don’t worry. No one is there to question you. But this also should not stop you from being responsible. Even if it is online, you should work at least a little :)

Feedback: Every online companies these days are providing feedback for you. You may do a freelance work at elance or guru, sell some products at ebay, sell your service at fiverr, etc., everywhere there is a feedback system. Hence, if you start online job now, down the 1st year, your feedback score would be far higher than newly joining people by then. So joining first is racing first.

These reasons makes sense that you should concentrate to work online, right now.

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